Liz Gerring Dance Company


photo Miguel Anaya

The Liz Gerring Dance Company offers both masterclasses and workshops. Please contact us if you would like to propose an educational event.

Master Class taught by company members, offers an opportunity to learn and experience Liz Gerring’s choreography. A minimal but thorough warm-up is given followed by a segment of Liz Gerring’s rigorous and detailed repertory material.

Special Workshop 1 Liz Gerring presents a three day workshop in which she will make material and compose a short new work on a selected group of dancers. Presents the students with unique insight on her movement and process.

Special Workshop 2 Composer Michael Schumacher on multi-channel sound for dance. Michael will share his own approach to both music and dance. Using examples from his long time collaboration with Liz Gerring Dance Company the workshop can be adapted in a variety of ways:

a) working with different sound systems, from multi-speaker to standard surround.

b) ideas of musical form and a discussion of the relationship between sound and dance.

c) use of the computer in composition, including "generative" and automated approaches, interactivity and discussions on software.