Liz Gerring Dance Company



current version 30 minutes.

The Liz Gerring Dance Company premiered Montauk at Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, February 5-8, 2009.

Inspired by a memory of place, Montauk is a landscape unfolding between the groupings of three dancers. The work is characterized by its demanding physicality and attention to detailed gesture, often derived from everyday experiences. Although abstract and highly technical, at its core Montauk is based on the emotions derived from the evocation of a time and place, expressed through the relationship between dancers.

Italian visual artist Vittoria Chierici, having photographed rehearsals for over a year, choose a quintessential moment in the dance to document & alter - three dancers walking backward in a line - the images of the dancers themselves creating an additional physical dimension, as set design, in her photo-based panels. Portland based composer Seth Nehil's six speaker electronic score provided a spacious sonic environment; a parallel layer to the performance.


  • Elizabeth DeMent
  • Tony Neidenbach
  • Jessica Weiss
  • Liz Gerring
  • composer Seth Nehil
  • set design Vittoria Chierici
  • costume design Deanna Berg
  • Lighting design Caroilyn Wong