Liz Gerring Dance Company

she dreams In code


The World Premiere of she dreams in code was presented by the Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC, October 13-16, 2011. Read the reviews.

Baryshnikov Arts Center program info here

she dreams in code was presented the week of August 15-19 at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. Read Deborah Jowitt's review

Liz Gerring and long time collaborator, composer and sound artist Michael J. Schumacher explore the co-dependency between dance and music, together creating an oblique environment of relationships that crisscross space and time.

In this work the choreographer focuses on her methods of construction; clarification of image rather than invention of new movement. Highly athletic, the challenging physical demands of the vocabulary are expressed in abstraction often drawn from the everyday.

  • choreographer: Liz Gerring
  • composer: Michael J. Schumacher
  • video set designer: Willy Le Maitre
  • lighting designer: Carolyn Wong
  • costume designer: Jillian Lewis

For six dancers:

  • Ben Asriel
  • Tony Neidenbach
  • Adele Nickel
  • Brandin Steffensen
  • Jessica Weiss
  • Claire Westby

Watch Christine Jowers speaking with Liz Gerring in rehearsal for she dreams in code, at The Dance Enthusiast, October 11, 2011: What I Learned This Week About Dreaming